Welcome to Phoenix Al Aanqa

We are a small privately owned family office
with interests in sustainable business models
that enhance the lives of those around us.


About Us

Established in 2006 with the intent of providing fiduciary services to International Companies wishing to enter the Oman and GCC countries.

Phoenix has diversified into project development, consultancy, technology, aquaculture & health sectors.

Our core values & vision are Innovative, Sustainability, coupled with In-Country Value propositions that will enhance and better the lives of the people that our projects, products and services touch.

Privately owned investment & project development holding based in the the Sultanate of Oman with equity interests in Agri & Aquaculture, Finance, Technology & Health.

We develop & invest in sustainable projects that enhance and diversify the industries of developing nations, adding value to the local population where we work.

We like to challenge and disrupt the status quo in order to do more.





The highest legal duty of one party to another, requires being bound ethically to act in the other's best interests.

Full Service

Phoenix offers an end-to-end solution for fiduciary, fund, entity formation and management, regulatory & compliance services, backed by market-leading legal expertise and an extensive suite of ancillary services designed to meet unique client requirements.

Registered Agencies

Acting as a Registered Agent, Registered Office, Trading Agent and Local Partner. Our independent ownership coupled with a hands-on entrepreneurial approach and on-the-ground local presence, equates to greater success as your partner in your strategic expansion into the Gulf.


Rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach yield quality results. We pride ourselves on a high-touch, responsive client service, tailored to the project or business requirement at hand.

Our Projects

  • All
  • Agri-Aqua
  • Digital
  • Health

Our Founders


HRH Sariya Al Said


Sariya has over 14 years of experience in Human Resources within the Oman market and three years in Pakistan and Yemen markets. Main fortes in implementing in-country HR infrastructure including localization, compliance, company structures, performance management, transparency, and employee advocacy.

David A. Rushforth


28 years of experience working in the technology,tourism & business development. He has a combined knowledge over multiple business verticals ranging from the tourist industry, agri-aquaculture, digital technology & applications, & trading platforms. Having spent 12 years in the Gulf, David brings a wealth of local hands on experience plus know-how to the team.

Contact Us

We are always looking new ways to add value for both our client and our partners, whether in the GCC or further afield. If you have interests in the same fields as ours, or are looking for a partner inside the GCC, and have an innovative & sustainable business proposal. We make no guarantee that we will reply, though if your subject matter captivates us, we are more likely to reply. So please keep it short, to the point, clear for all parties involved. Thanks in advance. :)

Phoenix Al Aanqa

Our areas of interest:
   Agri & Aquaculture
   Financial Inclusion
   Sustainable Energy Sources
   Science & Digital Technologies

Villa 2490, Way 8261
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

info [at] aanqa [dot] com

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